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Let me be clear upfront…

I offer one thing here: highly-effective dating tips for women, who haven’t given up on finding love.

I created this site to help you increase your chances of success—no matter where YOU may be starting from.

What Should You Expect?


I’m Ronn Elmore, Psy.d (Clinical Psychology). After over 20 years of coaching thousands of smart, single women, I’m a firm believer that dating advice must be simple, practical and effective. Otherwise, it’s a waste of your time.

You can trust that the advice here is backed up by solid research and real-world experience. No, it won’t benefit everyone exactly the same. But, you can expect it to help YOU get ‘unstuck’—and get far better dating and relationship results, going forward.

Where Should You Begin?

You'll find countless dating tips for women who are ready to make a fresh start. For example, see sections devoted to getting motivated, first date advice or finding love online, men and relationship issues, communication and dating problems, and more.

Or feel free to skip straight to the sections on age-gap dating tips (for women open to older or younger men), interracial love, or sexual questions, a marriage article, or self-confidence advice if you've become discouraged.

I recommend you take a look at everything to find exactly what fits your situation. Above all, be sure you…

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Recommended Tools and Resources

Instead of spending hours sifting through pointless junk online, you might want to look at the tools I've recommended for you. It’s my short-list of useful resources to help you steadily progress— from “pre-dating”…into a healthy relationship…and yes, even on to marriage.

It has to be of exceptional quality to get on this list. I ignore the hype and use sound psychological and clinical judgment before recommending anything to you. So, please take advantage of it all.

I sincerely WELCOME you!

*P.S. - Whatever your relationship goal is, I sincerely want to help you achieve it. Please let me know how I can serve you.

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