Age Gap Relationships
Should I or Shouldn't I?

Age gap relationships seem to be more acceptable now than ever before. While some people take a strong stand against relationships with a notable age gap, there are others who swear by them or at least feel that age doesn’t matter when it comes to a relationship.

There are several issues that can arise between couples with a significant difference in age. Physical issues are the more obvious ones.

Along with the older partner dealing with different health issues, there is also the insecurity that an older partner may feel in regard to their appearance.

It’s not uncommon for a woman dating a much younger man to worry that he’s going to leave her for a younger woman when her age starts to show. This can lead to an exhausting self-imposed pressure to do anything she can to appear younger and more attractive to keep her partner interested.

Then there’s also the worry that she “can’t keep up” with her younger partner.

Along with the physical issues, some couples find that too large an age gap can make it hard to connect because of the different references that may get lost in the age gap between two people.

Now don't think relationships with a notable age gap are doomed. The opposite is true.

In fact, many women have experienced tremendous benefits from dating older men and know that accepting an age gap can open up a great opportunity to find the man of your dreams.

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